Taking inspiration from sources such as Jason Rebello‘s Held, Bill Laurance‘s Cables, Keith Jarret’s Köln Concert, and Bill Evans’ Conversations with Myself, Kev’s Eclectica project is a set list of popular songs and original compositions which serve as a stimulus for improvisations and interpretations spanning an eclectic mix of styles. In a solo or collaborative duo setting, Eclectica centres on sensitive, imaginative and at times meditative sounds of surprise taking the artist and audience on a journey of ideas, building intensity on rhythmic, melodic and harmonic notions, deploying pop-like repetition and a reassuring return to recognisable motifs and choruses. Using these motifs and choruses as foundations, each performance is different, each musical conversation is unique.

Kev’s use of textures of electro-acoustic keyboards, piano and patterned phrases and loops, provides an outlet for his zen explorations of a lifelong approach to the piano and keyboards, passing through classical, pop, jazz, jazz-funk and electronica. His experiences and studies have weaved their way through to a distinctive personal style that embraces all his influences to testify to his developing creativity, sensitivity and compositional approaches.

Kev uses a range of equipment depending on requirements for playing and recording. For gigging, access to a house PA and an acoustic (preferably grand) piano is always appreciated!

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