Taking inspiration from collaborations such as Bill Laurance & Michael League, Bill Evans & Jim Hall, Berlin Jazz Kapelle (Felix Mross & Daniel Mai), Pat Martino & Gil Goldstein and Fred Hersch & Bill Frisell, Kev’s Elements project with Brian McCusker is based on keyboard & guitar textures over a set list of well-known and not so well-known songs and original compositions (see below). These serve as a stimulus for reworkings, interpetations and improvisations spanning an eclectic mix of styles, striving to incorporate a positive human message with a social conscience whenever possible. In a collaborative duo or trio setting, Elements centres on sensitive, imaginative and at times meditative sounds of surprise taking the artist and audience on a journey of ideas, building intensity on rhythmic, melodic and harmonic notions, deploying pop-like repetition and a reassuring return to recognisable motifs and choruses. Using these motifs and choruses as foundations, each performance is different, each musical conversation is unique, balancing being both listenable and surprising.

Kev Lovelady (Keys, Vibes)

Kev’s use of textures of electro-acoustic keyboards, piano and patterned phrases and loops, provides an outlet for his zen explorations of a lifelong approach to the piano and keyboards, passing through classical, pop, jazz, jazz-funk and electronica. His experiences and studies have weaved their way through to a distinctive personal style that embraces all his influences to testify to his developing creativity, sensitivity and compositional approaches.

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Brian McCusker (Guitars, Vocals)

Brian plays various stringed instruments in a wide range of musical genres. As well as some formal education, Brian is self-taught through exposure to books and mainly from interaction with other musicians. His greatest joy is improvising and writing songs and instrumentals.


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