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Welcome to the website for Kevin Lovelady
Piano – Vibes – Composition

Kevin has been playing jazz on an amateur basis for over 20 years. His main instrument for much of this time has been piano but over the last few years, he has also been playing vibes which he developed during his time with the Bristol Jazz Workshops.

He has been involved in jazz throughout his working assignments in France and Spain, where he was joint owner of a jazz cafe-theatre. In France, he studied with the jazz pianist / pedagogue Michel Sardaby. In October 1997, he co-ran a jazz course at the University of Murcia. He is an IT professional and tri-linguist in English, French and Spanish.

A 3 year stint in the South of France saw a lull in playing due to work committments but after returning to Merseyside in the summer of 2005 and running the Green Dolphin Brasserie, Kevin is looking forward to picking up where he left off in 1988, studying and playing the music he loves.

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